C25K: Week 9, Day 1

Well, I am now in the final stretch! I'm in the last week of the C25K program now and am happy to report that... I did it!!!!!

I went into Wk9D1 tonight with the goal to not only run for 30 min, but I REALLY wanted to run 5K. And that's exactly what I did!!! I managed to reach 2 of my goals in one run!

I wanted to start week 9 Saturday as per my normal schedule, but after a VERY late night Friday (went to a concert in TO) I decided not to push it because I was so tired. I'm glad I waited until today because I felt more ready to reach this goal. I decided to do my run on the tread mill just so that I could get accurate stats for my time/distance.

I ran the first 25 min at 5.1mph .... then ran 5 min at 5.5mph... when I hit the 30 minute mark, I felt amazing! I saw that I didn't have too much farther to go so I then increased my speed to 5.8mph and powered through right until I hit that beautiful 5K mark! My official time for my first 5K was 35:10 and I am SO proud of it.

I now have 2 more runs to go to graduate C25K and 3 weeks to work on reaching my goal of doing 5K in 30 min. Hopefully i reach that goal just in time for my first race!!!

.....oh and i might actually be doing the sportinglife 10K in toronto May 2 now!!! ;)


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