C25K: Week 9, Day 2

I seriously can't believe that this program has almost come to an end. I only have 1 run left and I will be officially considered a C25K GRADUATE! It's crazy!

I took full advantage of the beautiful weather last night and completed my WK9D2 run on the track at the local high school. I already knew how many laps I had to do to hit 5K - 12.5 - but was initially bummed about the fact that I wouldn't be able to keep track of time. Well, I fiddled around with my iPod and quickly discovered that this baby has a stopwatch! Who would've known?! :)

Out I went, in my brand new runner's capris (bought as a gift to myself for doing my first 5K Monday) and I had a fabulous run!! I'm not going to lie, I was ready to be done after 10 laps, but I powered through, increased my speed and finished in 33:48! Quicker than Monday! :)

Only one more run to go and that will happen Saturday morning with my mom by my side while she starts week 8. :)


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