Back In Action! C25K: Week 7, Day 1

Although it was really hard, I promised my body that I would take care of it throughout this adventure (and well, always) so I rested and did no running or riding for 1 whole week. That might not sound like much, but for me that felt like an eternity!!! After a few days with 0 pain in my knee, I decided to get back on the treadmill and continue on with my C25K training. I literally only have 3 weeks to go!

I went into my run thinking I would just take it slow and see if I could tackle 10 min with no issues. I left my incline at 1, but chose to run at 5.1mph instead of 5.2mph. Well, 10 min quickly turning into 15, which turned into 20... leaving only 5 min to go until I did 25! Week 7, day 1 workout was to run for 25 minutes and I did it with absolutely NO issues! I think it was at this point when I really realized that this program works! After 1 week off, I was still physically able to run for 25 min straight with no issues. I wasn't out of breath or anything - it came easy!My knee didn't hurt at all during my run! I iced both knees for 15 min afterwards for precautionary measures and they feel fine now! I think I'm back on track and almost ready to register for my first 5K!

Yesterday's Stats:

Distance: 2.76 miles (4.44km)
Calories Burned: 313
Time: 35:07


basia said...

Awesome! Happy to hear you're back - love it! FYI - I just got a gym membership, so I plan to start soon :)

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