C25K: Week 7, Day 2

The days are getting longer and the temperatures have been staying above 0 the past few days, so I decided that I was going to attempt this run outdoors. I haven't run outdoors yet, so was pretty excited to actually cover some ground on this workout! I had heard and read that running outside was very different in comparison to the treadmill, but I was finding the treadmill really easy lately so I figured - how hard can it be?!

Well! I'm not going to lie... HOLY SHIT THAT WAS HARD!!!!!!!
It's hard to pick a route in my neighbourhood because there are hills everywhere. My run started basically by going up hill and after a measly 5 minutes I found myself completely out of breathe and feeling so defeated!!! In my heart I was so upset that I wasn't finding this easy because I wanted to get the workout done so badly. I started walking after maybe a 6 minute run and continued up the hill. I kept walking until my turning point was in sight (at the top of the big hill) then crossed the road to head back. I decided at that point that I could NOT give up so I started running again. I changed my route around to allow myself to continue to run, only walking at intersections when I needed to wait to cross. I managed to run for about 23 minutes straight before walking and then heading home.

Overall, I did get the workout done.. it was just broken up a bit in the first quarter. My confidence was definitely shaken, but I am not going to give up! I plan to do Wednesday's run back on the treadmill to give myself a confidence boost, then back outside again on Saturday. I will just try and pick a different route this time. I'm not sure of any exact stats on last nights' run - thinking of buying myself Nike+ for my ipod soon - but I know for sure that I got in a killer workout.

Staying positive!


Anonymous said...

Dude - you ran! Outside! For 23 minutes! That is amazing.

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