C25K: Week 1, Day 2

Last night I completed the second day of training for the Couch to 5K program and despite being tired this morning, I feel just incredible!

(I hoped to have more pictures for this post, but silly me forgot my camera at home.)

Since I work from 8-5, my only option was to plan to head to my parents' house right after work to put in my run. Around 4:20pm, I made myself a snack of an apple dipped in peanut butter to ramp up the energy in my body so that I would be physically able to get this workout done. (I'm usually really tired after a long day at the office, especially in the winter months when it's dark when I go to work, and dark when I leave.)

My friend B sent me an email yesterday which included a link to a different set of podcasts done for the C25K program. I am so thankful for that link! I mean, the original podcast that I used Saturday was great, but the music was all techno-ish and it really wasn't my style. So after work yesterday, as soon as I got to my parents' house, I downloaded one of these new podcasts onto my ipod. I was soon working out to the likes of some Mamma Mia and Kung Foo Fighting! I actually caught myself humming and even dancing at certain points while I walked/ran. I mean, how can you NOT make little kung foo moves when listening to Kung Foo Fighting!!! Tell me! How?!

Although I was much sweatier after this workout, it still went well. It was more of a challenge doing it at the end of the day rather than the morning, but it was a good challenge. I actually wanted to do more when the program was done! So instead of more running, I just extended my cool down a little longer. I'm only two workouts in and I'm already wanting so much more!

Stats for last night's run were pretty much the same as Saturday because it was the same workout, minus a little added walking time.

Covered: 1.90km
Calories Burned: 175
Time: 31:26


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