One Step Closer!

...To starting this thing!!

I made a trip to the local mall yesterday to look for shoes. It would have been nice to check out the Running Room, but alas, I had just over $80 in mall gift cards from Christmas that I wanted to put towards my new shoes. I had already been to SportChek earlier in the week to check out their stock and prices. Although they did claim to have a 'sale' going on, I don't exactly call a buy one, get one 50% off a great deal if I only need one pair of shoes! My mom and I were thinking of going there and getting shoes at the same time, but she had decided that she was going to wait a bit before spending some money, so I was on my own for this trip. I found myself completely bummed out yesterday afternoon thinking what I was going do to in terms of getting shoes because I just don't have the spare $ to spend on a pair at full price. I actually found myself at a low and then I then was reminded that there was also a Foot Locker in the mall - I completely forgot about that!

I marched right into Foot Locker to find many many pairs of shoes on at clearance prices! They even had several different pairs of Asics gel runners on and after researching, I had decided that Asics was how I wanted to go. I tried on different models in different sizes -- I have freakishly small feet and they didn't have my size in anything!!! Once I found the model I liked (which was on sale for $79.99!!!), the salesman offered to see if he could order me a pair to have shipped to my office. I lucked out and they had 1 pair left in size 6. WOOO HOOO!!!! I ordered them on the spot and with my gift cards, they only cost me $7.70!

Now I am anxiously awaiting for them to arrive so I can start this thing!


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