C25K: Week 1, Day 3


I can't believe how fast I managed to get through week one of the C25K program. One week down, eight more to go and I am still extremely excited to keep going.

I did today's workout after work again today, so in order to give myself some much needed energy, I snacked again on an apple with peanut butter.

Today's workout seemed to be even easier than the last two! Of the three workouts so far, day 2 was the hardest to do, but.... my legs are a tad on the sore side today. I was ok throughout the workout, but sitting here now, just over 2 hours later, I'm starting to feel some soreness. I guess that is expected considering I haven't run in so long, and it *is* only week 1 still. Thankfully my schedule now allows for 2 days off, so hopefully I'm good to go to start week 2 on Saturday.

Today's stats:
Covered: 1.92M (3.01km)
Calories burned: 177
Time: 31:00


Anonymous said...

Congrats! That's a great accomplishment. And just think - you did over 3K today - that's more than half of a 5K and you're only on week one!

Laura said...

You know, that's actually a really good way of looking at it! Thanks! :)

My brother called today and wants me to do the CN Tower climb with him this summer (he did it last yr). So that might be added to my list of goals!

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