C25K: Week 3, Day 3

Week 3 is finished!!! I honestly can't believe how fast this program is going. 3 weeks down already, meaning only 6 to go until I should be able to run a 5K!

Had another great run today which I feel really good about. Like Monday, I added one more run at the end of the workout except today I did an additional 5 minute run, instead of 6 minutes. The big difference I did today though was that I've increased my running speed. Up until today, I have been running at 5 mph, so today I decided to increase my speed to 5.2 mph. I want to start to slowly increase my speed because ultimately, when I'm ready to start racing, I'm going to be competitive (it's my nature) and that means I'll need to be comfortable running at a faster pace.

Today's stats:
Distance: 2.26 miles (3.64km)
Calories burned: 237
Time: 32:40


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