C25K: Week 2, Day 1

Yesterday I completed the first workout of week 2 and feel fantastic!

As per my usual Saturday schedule, my day started with a good breakfast and then I headed out to the farm for a ride. Although I completely forgot to snap a picture of breakfast, it consisted of a small glass of skim chocolate milk, a bowl of multi grain oatmeal with ground flax, cinnamon, raisins and skim milk, 2 scrambled eggs, and a cup of coffee.

I headed out to the farm around 9am for a great ride on the lovely little Daisy Duke. (Daisy is a pony who I have been training for the past year or so).

The ride went really well and I felt great afterwards.

I then made a little pit stop before heading over to my parents to do my run by going with a friend to video her while riding her friend's horse, Teade. My is he a big boy! Especially in comparison to little Daisy. See! Look how small I look next to him! ... ok well I don't look *that* small lol.. but when this guy lifted his head, he was mighty tall.

After our little trek to see Teade, to my parents I went to get ready for this run! It was already 1pm at this point and I was STARVING! I didn't want to have lunch and then run due to digestion time. So, luckily my mom was in a baking mood the previous afternoon and there was a container of pumpkin spice muffins on her counter. I figured that would be the perfect little snack to give my body a little bolt of energy for this run.

I was really excited for this particular run as it meant that I was moving to a new workout routine. Runs for week 2 consist of the following:
Brisk five-minute warmup walk. Then alternate 90 seconds of jogging and two minutes of walking for a total of 20 minutes.

After only one week of this program, I couldn't believe how much easier each run felt! It felt so good, that I was bad and extended the last 90 second run to 2 minutes and honestly, I believe that I could have gone on further. But.. I didn't. I have vowed to myself that I will be smart and not push my body too hard yet. This program has worked for so many people, so I am going to stick to it no matter how good I may be feeling. The last thing I need is to injure myself so that I can't run OR ride!

Stats for this run were not much different from last week because although I am now running for a longer period of time, the walks in between are longer as well. So without further ado..

Yesterday's stats:
Covered: 1.97 miles (3.17km)
Calories burned: 185
Time: 30:30

Is it crazy that although I have some fatigue in my legs right now, that I am extremely excited for my next run tomorrow night? :)


Astoria Girl said...

Thanks so much for posting your experiences with c2 5k! It is greatly appreciated!

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