C25K: Week 3, Day 2

Wow! I feel amazing today!

I was pretty upset with myself for feeling worried about the 3 min runs this week. I don't want to ever be down on myself of think even for a split second that I can't do anything. So I went into today's workout with positive thoughts. :)

I blasted though the 90 second and then 3 minute runs with so much ease! I don't even know why I was so worried about it on Saturday! Things were going so well, that after the workout, I incorporated an additional 6 minute run! 6 minutes!!! All at once!! The best part - I wasn't even out of breath! It's amazing how things are getting easier so fast.

Today's Stats:
Distance: 2.33 miles (3.75 km)
Calories burned: 249
Time: 34:14


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